London Public Transport - Trains, Buses and Black Cabs

If you want to visit London and need to get from one place to another, there are several means of transportation available to you. This guide will help you find these means of moving around the Capital if you are a tourist or a person visiting London for business purposes. The English capital is a very busy city, as are many of the capital cities around the world, and it is therefore necessary for the means of public transportation to be very well taken care of.

It is important to find about the best method of transport for your needs as soon as you get to your hotel or accommodation. Then you will be ready for when you want to go out sight seeing in the wonderful capital of Great Britain. The particular areas and places you wish to see in London will influence the choice of the specific means of transportation you need to use. For instance from the position of a tourist you will want to see as much as you can of this city and therefore taking a bus might be the best idea, when you do not choose to walk, that is!

But let's see what means are available and then you can choose what you feel will be the most suitable for you:

  • The Tube (as it known locally) is actually the London Underground Train system that is generally the fastest and most efficient way to get around London. You will be fascinated by the tube map design which consists of a lot of colorful lines to indicate the Tube Train Stations and the different Lines of this complicated network.
  • The London Bus service is another alternative for traveling around London while also affording you the chance to see as much as you want of this city whilst you travel.
  • You can also take the London Overground Train which comes as an overground network metro train system that makes the connection between various different areas that are not covered by the London Underground Tube. There is also a Docklands Light Railway (DLR) that can be used to travel within certain areas.
  • Tourists may like to travel by getting on board of a Thames River Boat. You can have a great sightseeing experience of the city of London along the banks of the Thames when sailing along the River by Thames Clipper boats.
  • Getting a Taxi or London Black Cab (as they are known) is always an option in London. There are many Black Cabs on the roads of the city available to hail down and hire to get you around the city in a comfortable manner. When the yellow light on top of a London Taxi is lit it means that the cab is available for hire and you can flag it down on the street to take you to your desired destination in London town.

If you want to benefit from the most cost effective transportation to get around London you can purchase an Oyster Card through which you can use the Tube, London Overground, DLR, London Buses and gain discounts on Thames Clipper river boats, as well as travelling to certain destinations on National Rail. So except for London Black Cabs you can use an Oyster Card on most London public transport options discussed here. Your Oyster usage will be capped at a maximum charge each day, so you can feel free to use the public transportation system all day without worrying about excessive cost!