Ways to Keep Holidays Stress Free

Published Date : Monday 10th August 2015

Quite ironically, some people feel that they need a holiday to recover from a previous holiday, immediately upon return. Although typical breaks won't do anything to reduce long-term stress levels, they are still important to make us feel much more refreshed. It should be noted that some vacations can make us feel exhausted and much more drained. We can avoid the pitfalls of a stressful break with just good planning:

  1. We still see our time away as an "output-oriented" activity: Professionals expect results from each of their activities and they constantly feel pressure for the need to stay productive. During a getaway, they often make goals for the vacation itself, as an example to attempt to eradicate stress completely after a few days. The best way to enjoy yourself is to forget about goals and trying to do activities that purposely feel the most relaxing. Treating this time as a personal project will make us feel less refreshed, especially if we push ourselves to check all items in a to-do list or try to force ourselves to relax. Although it is a good idea to create some type of itinerary, we should resist the temptation of making it a goal that must be reached at all cost. This way, output-oriented individuals could find it relaxing to know that they can achieve things without focusing too much on results, and try to take things more as they come during a break.
  2. We fail to anticipate activities that await upon return: We should be logistically and mentally prepared for conditions after we return. We need to organise our post-vacation activities in a way to prevent stress from appearing again as soon as you get back.
  3. We choose a resource consuming type of holiday: Spending time away requires energy and money. If we overextend ourselves it can exhaust us physically and financially. It is better to dedicate our away time schedule for "recharging" activities, such as taking a sauna, yoga, massages and other things on offer that are of a relaxing nature. Many people find it rewarding to reflect positively about things that they have done in the past, during a vacation, so just giving yourself time to think can help relax you. Try to keep it simple, so you can better manage unexpected hassles; which may drain resources and make the holiday session feel particularly troublesome.
  4. We expect that the vacation will carry us through the whole year: It is foolish to think that we can keep ourselves stress-free through the entire calendar year with just a weekend, week or even a fortnight away. Instead it should be seen as reward for a productive year. In reality, people can sustain themselves better by taking mini-vacations each day. You can allocate a 30-minute walk to the nearest park after you arrive back home from work each day, to help you wind down. While just thinking about things other than work and doing little things that make you feel happier can give you a little break every day.