Main Events Schedule London Olympics 2012

Here are the details of the times and venues of some of the most popular events of the London 2012 Olympics, broken down by their venues and including times and travel information.

The Olympic Stadium Main Events

The main stadium will host, among others, the following major events of the Games:

- OPENING CEREMONY: 27th July 21.00
- Men's 400m Hurdles: August 3rd 10.35
- Women's 100m: August 3rd 10.40
- Men's 100m 4th August: Preliminaries: 10.00. Round 1: 12.30.
- Men's Triple Jump Qualifier: August 7th 10.45
- Men's Hundred Metre Relay: August 10th 19.45
- CLOSING CEREMONY: Sunday 12th August

Most short distance Athletics events will be held in the main Stadium. A full day-by-day schedule has been released and can be found easily on the official website at Athletics events and the opening and closing ceremonies will attract some of the largest crowds of the Games. The main Stadium has a capacity of 80,000 (a capacity which will certainly be met for the opening ceremony). Allow AT LEAST 2.5 hours for travel time and to get through the security procedures into the Stadium. Please note that water bottles of any capacity are not permitted to be carried within the Stadium (refreshments of all kinds are available within).

Aquatics Centre 2012 Events

The 17,500 spectator capacity venue that will host all the Swimming events of the Olympics is a striking, wave shaped building within the Olympic Village. Main events that will be hosted by this venue include:

- Men's 400m Freestyle: 28th July 10.58
- Men's 100m Freestyle: 3st July 10.30
- Women's 10m Platform Dive: 8th August 19.00
- Men's 10m Platform Dive: 10th August 19.00

Basketball Arena Olympics Events

Basketball heats will continue each day for the duration of the Games, with men's and women's games taking place on alternate days. Results for the men's basketball will be on 12th August, with women's results the day before on the 11th August.

Veledrome Olympic Cycling 2012

The striking Olympic Veledrome will host the indoor cycling events of the Games. The dates and times of the most popular events are:

- Men's Sprint: Qualification 10.00, 8th August, with heats running on every subsequent day until Finals 9th - 12th August starting from 18.20
- Men's and Women's Team Sprints: Qualifications for both men's and women's team sprints will begin at 16.00 (Women's) and 16.15 (Men's) on 2nd August, with Finals of each at 17.50 for women's and 18.10 for men's.

Every venue within the Olympic Village is within short walking distance of each other and to transport links. Because events in different parts of the Village will be beginning and ending at overlapping times all through the day, the surrounding area will be consistently crowded. For this reason, adequate planning is essential. Maps of the Olympic Village and surrounding area and full time schedule break-downs are available on the London 2012 Olympic official website.