Accommodation in London during the 2012 Olympic Games

London Olympics 2012 has become one of the hottest topics, not just for sports enthusiasts but for laymen as well. A lot of people have already booked their flights going to London. However, most of them could still be clueless on how to find the right accommodation. Of course, rooms or hotels near the actual venues are ideal.
At this moment, even private residences have already listed their places as potential accommodations for tourists who wish to witness the London Olympics 2012. As the actual date of the events come closer, booking a place to stay in has become more and more difficult.
The kind of accommodation you are going to avail mainly depends on the budget you have and the convenience you wish to experience. Of course, high-end ones that are complete with amenities are generally more expensive, especially in London.
Below are some options you can consider if you are planning to watch the London Olympics 2012.

Private Homes and Apartments to Rent for Olympics 2012

Airbnb - Through Airbnb, a website that lets travelers rent spare rooms among private properties, you can surely find one that fits your preferences and budget. It lists more than 100,000 rooms in different cities worldwide including London. In London, it has 3, 312 properties lists in the capital area. There are also a number of affordable accommodations if you want to save for the Olympic duration. For example, a huge two-bedroom in Victoria, London costs 62 per night.

Vive Unique - They specialize in private home rentals focused in London. Right now, they have more than 200 pads in the capital. There are one-bedroom or four-bedroom choices, you can surely find the one you need. You stay for a month in these properties, so you can just one accommodation for the entire event.

Olympics 2012 London Accommodation Packages

You might also want to avail packages if you want a hassle-free trip to London. For instance, Thomas Cook sells packages that tourists can avail during the London Olympics 2012. They can include tickets of Olympic events on top of the accommodation. The cheapest package that you can avail is just around 119 per night.

London Hotels for Olympics 2012

Hotel options, of course, should never be out of the list. One choice you can consider is staying in Camp in London's Hotel Bell Tent in Walthamstow.
In case you are thinking of availing a budget hotel for the London Olympics, you can also find some as long as you are resourceful enough. However, you need to understand that the rates of almost all hotels in London might increase as the actual dates of the Olympic come near. This is understandable since the demand has drastically increased. So, it is best to book your hotel accommodation months before. Make sure to scout for the best deals first before shelling out your money. According to a report, some hotels might charge 274.50 higher than their usual rates. So make sure to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary fees that could waste your hard-earned money. If you want to enjoy the Olympics 2012, plan on your accommodations first.